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Root Consultancy Services Private Limited (Rootcs) is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions. As a proven partner focused on Completes your IT needs, Rootcs enables clients in more than 4 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. we provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions.

Root Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. was established in the year of 2012 by experienced team of IT Professionals with a motto be the pioneer in IT industry.

Rootcs is a software development organization focusing on developing software products and providing customized software solutions for its global client base. Equipped with the know-how, the people, and state-of-the-art technology, we are here to ensure that your software endeavor’s are a success.

Our Team-Work

Our creative team is innovative, equipped with powerful machines and latest software and we work under a high speed, high bandwidth network, and supporting cross compatibility, eliminating bottle necks, conversion problems and delays.

Quality is the crux of everything we do. From conceptualization to final delivery, we aim to deliver quality in the timeliest and cost effective manner.

Strategy Vision statement

“Consistently delivers ingenious, comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective business solutions through IT for global market by creating a professionally stimulating and happy environment for our team where professionals thrive alongside the growth of our company.” incorporating a very high level of quality, speed, accuracy and reliability”.

Mission statement

“Skillfully applying the most sought-after, fast-growing pertinent technology to yield total solutions in the most critical business areas. When performance speaks we wouldn’t want words to interrupt.”